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Massage pools

It is recommended for people who have problems with their back muscles, spine, neck and joints, for disaster recovery and for people under stress. They serve as an extraordinary aid in removing excess weight and fat deposits on the body.

Massage pools – Spa

Simple and modern design

Swim Spa massage pools

Massage and exercise


Accessories and spare materials

The Nivea massage pools are great. We like that these are not Jacuzzi tubs where you have to drain the water after use because it is not filtered. Managing the pool is easy, but the biggest ADVANTAGE is that at any time, without waiting for the pool to be filled, water heated, etc., we can get into warm and filtered clean water and start to relax.

Hrvoje Horvat, Firma d.o.o.

I’m happy with the pool. Easy to install inside or outside, it is designed to pass through any door. It is good that the side of the pool does not have to be paved since the pools are shipped as a finished product just placed in the desired location.

Ivana Marić, Zagreb

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Swimming pools parts

Large selection of top quality
parts of the pool.


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