What is a GECKO Automatic Brominator?2019-08-10T21:56:08+00:00

Brominator – GECKO in.clear

Clean clean water the right way
Easy to use and exhale is the Brominator (black), which is one of the most effective water disinfection systems available in the spa industry today. B

Brominator (vaguely) generates and releases bromine in spa water and rapidly destroys microbial contaminants such as water-borne bacteria, algae and organic matter that baths bring to the bath.

The brominator (unclear) eliminates the need to regularly add bromine or chlorine to your spa. The system oxidizes odors, reduces eye irritation and is easy to use, making it one of the best options for water disinfection.

Bromine (vague) spas require very little maintenance, and the system can be easily installed at new and existing spas.

How Brominator Works (unclear)
When sodium bromide (like BromiCharge) is added to water, it separates sodium ions and bromine ions. As water passes through the bromine generator, a low-voltage source produces a current that electrolytically reduces the bromine ions into the bromine. Bromine destroys bacteria and algae and then releases the bromine ions back into the water for continuous recycling until the spa is empty. It is important to keep in mind that the required amount of bromine will vary in proportion to the number of bathers in the spa.

The effects of bromine
• Bromine destroys bacteria in water.
• Bromine destroys algae in water (e.g., black, green, brown).
• Bromine quickly removes the presence of organic matter left by users in the healing water (e.g., fat, sweat, dead skin cells).
• Because bromine does not contain calcium, it can be used to disinfect hard water without increasing the hardness of calcium.

Bromine in the spa
Bacteria take some time to form micro colonies and attach to the surface. Rapid elimination of bacteria is a key element in the proper maintenance of spa water. Brominator (unclear) achieves this by simultaneously oxidizing odors, reducing eye and skin irritation. Brominator (obviously) improves the clarity and quality of the spa water. For swimmers, this means more enjoyment of the warm water therapy experience.

There are two versions of the Brominator (in.clear) module: a standalone version that directly uses the in.k200 keyboard, and a related version that communicates with the spa kit for greater control and accuracy.

What’s the difference between ECO, ECO + in.clear, Premium and Elite?2019-08-10T21:57:00+00:00

Razlika je v bazenu in možnostih



Is there a difference in quality between ECO, Standard, Premium and Elite massage pools2019-08-10T21:58:01+00:00

There is no difference in quality, since all the massage pools are made of the same acrylic (Aristech USA), all the pools have a Gecko control and regulation device (Canada), the same circulation and massage pumps and / or turbochargers, the same quality of manufacture, the same quality of jets and completely same approach to production, quality testing and warranty.

The only difference is the pool equipment

How much is the guarantee for massage pools and equipment2019-08-10T21:59:02+00:00

All massages, whether in ECO, Standard, Premium and Elite equipment, are as follows:

10 years on shell construction

the guarantee is that the construction will not be damaged if all the installation conditions as stated in the “Operating Instructions” are met

5 years on the shell surface

the requirement is that the massage pool is purchased with a thermal cover and that the massage pool is covered when not in use and that the day is not exposed to direct sunlight

2 years on equipment and parts

The warranty applies to all electrical components, shells and under shells

Are there any equipment not covered by the warranty?2019-08-10T22:00:08+00:00

Yes, the warranty does not cover consumables such as filter cartridges and LEDs, and of course any physical damage caused by the negligent behavior of users or third parties and failure to follow the instructions in the “User’s Guide”

Do you have instructions for using, managing and maintaining massage pools?2019-08-10T22:01:04+00:00

Of course, all instructions in Croatian and English for all components are available, as well as general installation and maintenance instructions and video instructions on our site.

How is water quality maintained?2019-08-10T22:02:07+00:00

The chemical parameters in the test leaf water should be checked at least twice a week to determine the amount of disinfectant in the water, the PH value of the water and the alkalinity of the water, and if necessary add PH minus and disinfectant to the pool. Details of the amount to be added to water are given in the recommended packaging of the chemicals we recommend.

The same chemicals are manufactured to our specifications and are best for maintaining the water quality of our massage pools because they are also tested in them.

You can read more about water maintenance in the “User’s Guide” or contact us.

Do I need to periodically clean the shell surface, filter and empty the pool?2019-08-10T22:03:26+00:00

Depending on whether you use the pool for family or tourist purposes.

It depends if you only have an ozonator or maybe a U.V. sterilizer and automatic brominator – GECKO in.clear

Depending on whether the pool is inside or outside

It also depends on how many users use it per day and whether they shower before entering the pool.

Many parameters affect the water quality, dirt of the filter, and your involvement in cleaning the pool, but the general suggestions are as follows:

Monitor chemical parameters in the pool at least two to three times a week and adjust manually if you do not have a clear
Clean the filter with a strong jet of water at least once a week, and at least once a month, clean the filter in the filter cleaning solution to extend its life, maximize water quality and prevent damage to the filtration system and equipment.
If the pool is used for tourist purposes without a nuclear bromator, the SPA must be cleaned of scale and grease and 1/4 to 1/3 of new water added or replaced if necessary.

Ali lahko masažni bazen namestimo sami?2019-08-02T11:33:46+00:00

Seveda lahko, vendar pred tem pokličete, da določite, kje stoji bazen, kakšno podlago, kakšno električno vtičnico morate prinesti in kakšno bosta odvodnjavanje in polnjenje bazena.

Pomembno je, da po nakupu in montaži spremenimo dokumentacijo, da validiramo vašo garancijo, kot je navedeno v “Navodilih za uporabnike”


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