FINLAND SAUNA – PREMIUM 120 x 110 x 190 cm for two 2 persons


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DIMENSIONS: 1200 x 1100 x 1900 mm


• Wood: Canadian hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)
• Panel thickness: 50 mm
• The Control Panel
• 8 mm tempered glass door with handle and hinges,
• Bluetooth radio and speakers,
• Temperature sensor,
• ventilation
• interior lighting
• Exterior lighting
• stove with stone – 3kW
• Wooden bucket with spoon, thermometer and sand clock
• Installation and maintenance instructions.
• Temperature range: up to 90 °
• Mosaic stone interior
• starlight sky with remote control

Advantage of using the sauna:

• Better sleep
• release
• detoxification
• Weight loss
• Relief of inflamed muscles
• relieving joint pain such as arthritis
• Clearer and firmer skin
• improved circulation
• Helping people with chronic fatigue syndrome

For centuries, people have used saunas for all types of medical conditions:

A small study of 10 people show that people with chronic fatigue syndrome have benefited from using the sauna as part of their overall treatment.
Another 10-person study found that saunas help reduce muscle soreness and increase recovery from exercise.
Several studies have found that saunas can lower blood pressure.


Chromotherapy, also called color therapy, is the use of color and light to achieve homeostasis.

RED: Brings warmth, energy and encouragement; therefore, it is a good color for energy, fatigue, colds, cold and passive people. It gives energy to the heart and scar and stimulates the senses.

YELLOW: Increases neuromuscular tone. It purifies blood, helps digestion and has a cleansing effect. It strongly encourages joy, brings a sense of security as well as a strong sense of well-being.

BLUE: It’s a cool, soothing color. It stimulates the parasympathetic system, lowers blood pressure and soothes breathing and heart. Helps treat sleep disorders and headaches

GREEN: is a cool, sedentary color that helps reduce swelling of joints and tissues; calms the nervous system of the body. It is the color of a relaxed heart.

VIOLET: It promotes awareness and conscience. Increases the effect of drugs. It promotes the proper functioning of the lymphatic system and is very useful in menopause. It is a color for neutralizing emotional wounds and spiritual growth.

TURQUOISE: Increases intuition and sensitivity. He is mentally relaxed and confronted with embodied psychological barriers. It acts as a tonic and can help regulate imbalances in the lung and colon system. Turquoise encourages spiritual growth.

WARRANTY: 2 years


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