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product with GECKO in.clear automatic brominator and Gecko in.touch2 WiFii

Do you want the BEST in any respect?

Take a closer look at what the ELITE niveto SPA series offers.

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dimensions: 2200mm x 2200mm x 940mm
Packed dimensions: 2300mm x 2300mm x 960mm
weight – without water / with water: 415 kg / 1665kg
volume of water: 1250 L

Number of persons: 5
Beds: 2
Seats: 3


shell material: acrylic US Aristech acrylic – 6 colors available – heat insulated






Lining and stairs – PREMIUM














load-bearing frame: AISI 304 stainless steel and chemically treated wood
Base: ABS

Pumps and Blowers: A manufacturer of high-end pumps from the world’s leading brands
circulation pump: 0.37 kW
massage pump: 2 x 2.2 kW
air turbo blower: 700 w

Gecko – Canada
control unit: in.Yj5
control unit: Gecko In.k 1000
heater: INOX 3 kw / 230 VAC

maximum: 8.5 kW / 40A / 230V / 400V
min: 3,5 kW / 16A / 230V / 400V
Standard 25A / 230V connection, 2.5 m 3 x 4 mm2 cable

NOTE: If you want a different setting such as three-phase connection or increasing the limit to 35A, consider buying

Nozzle configuration: Total number of nozzles 121 pcs INOX
Nozzles for 5 inches: 2 pieces; 1 x rotary, 1 x with direction control
Nozzles 3,5 ”: 10 pieces; 4 x rotating nozzle, 6 x directional control
2.5 “nozzles: 2 pieces with direction control
1 ”nozzles: 97 pieces
air nozzles: 10 pieces

LIGHT – 31 lamps
LED RGB Underwater Light Large: 1 pc
LED RGB underwater lighting per waterline: 16 pieces
LED RGB illumination of outer corners: 1 pc x 4 corners = 4 pc
LED RGB Waterfall Illumination: 1 pc
LED RGB Fountain Light: 2 pcs
LED RGB valve illumination: 6 pieces
LED RGB logo: 1 pc

cartridge filter: 2 pcs
filtration area: 10m2
Ozone generator: 200 mg / h
U.V. sterilizer: yes
GECKO in.clear – automatic brominator

Thermal insulation from PU foam: YES
aroma therapy: yes
LED RGB overflow valve: 2 pcs
LED RGB air regulator: 4 pcs
well with LED RGB illumination: 2 pcs
waterfall with LED RGB illumination: 1 pc
2 ”suction: 4 pcs
drain valve: 1 pc
EVA Head Cushions: 3 pcs
skimmer: yes
ABS Base: Yes
Bluetooth box with two pop-up speakers for water
Gecko in.Touch 2 -WiFii SPA management and control

Thermal cover – included in the price
Premium stairs – included in the price

The pictures are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily show the identical pool for sale.
Only the descriptions in the appendix are valid.
The pool is as complex as Plug & Play with instructions for installation, startup, programming and maintenance in English.

construction: 10 years
shell surface – acrylic: 5 years
other equipment: 2 years

GECKO in.clear – automatic brominator

Clean clean water the right way
Easy to use and exhale is Brominator (Black), which is one of the most effective water disinfection systems available in the spa industry today. B

Brominator (unclear) generates and releases bromine in spa water and rapidly destroys microbial contaminants such as water-borne bacteria, algae, and organic matter that baths bring to the bath.

The brominator (unclear) eliminates the need to regularly add bromine or chlorine to your spa. The system oxidizes odors, reduces eye irritation and is easy to use, making it one of the best options for water disinfection.

Bromine (vague) spas require very little maintenance, and the system can be easily installed at new and existing spas.

How Brominator Works (unclear):
When sodium bromide (like BromiCharge) is added to water, it separates sodium ions and bromine ions. As water passes through the bromine generator, a low-voltage source produces a current that electrolytically lowers the bromine ions into the bromine. Bromine destroys bacteria and algae and then releases the bromine ions back into the water for continuous recycling until the spa is empty. It is important to keep in mind that the required amount of bromine will vary in proportion to the number of bathers in the spa.

The effects of bromine:
• Bromine destroys bacteria in water.
• Bromine destroys algae in water (e.g., black, green, brown).
• Bromine quickly removes the presence of organic matter left by users in the healing water (e.g., fat, sweat, dead skin cells).
• Because bromine does not contain calcium, it can be used to disinfect hard water without increasing the hardness of calcium.

Bromine in spas:
Bacteria take some time to form micro colonies and attach to the surface. Rapid elimination of bacteria is a key element in the proper maintenance of spa water. Brominator (unclear) achieves this by simultaneously oxidizing odors, reducing eye and skin irritation. Brominator (obviously) improves the clarity and quality of the spa water. For swimmers, this means more enjoyment of the warm water therapy experience.

There are two versions of the Brominator (in.clear) module: a standalone version that directly uses the in.k200 keyboard and a linked version that communicates with the spa kit for greater control and accuracy.

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