Massage pool, counter-current swimming, Swim Spa Bay PREMIUM


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Wouldn’t you like to have construction work in a garden, of course not. Want a pool and SPA now for a fair price?
You don’t want a bath with water, but a swimming pool + powerful massage + strong swimming against the current + water heating + thermal coating + modern RGB pool lighting, stairs and quality water treatment?

SwimSpa is the best choice for you!

Choose what works best for you

Available on backorder

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dimensions: 4180mm x 2200mm x 1430 mm
Package dimensions: 4280mm x 2300mm x 1530mm
weight – dry / with water: 1000kg / 6590kg
volume of water: 5590 liters

1 x massage places
1 x swim track


shell material: acrylic US Aristech acrylic – 3 colors available – heat insulated




Pearl                   Marble               Ocean
T04                      T10                        T01

lining and steps: 

Teak                       Grey

control unit: in.Ye5
control unit: Gecko In.k 500
heater: INOX 3 kw

maximum: 9.35 kW / 16A / 400V
min: 3,5 kW / 16A / 230V
Standard 27A / 230V connector, 2.5 m 3 x 4 mm2 cable with industrial socket and IP67 plug




possible discrepancies, check with the seller. 

NOTE: If you want a different setting, such as a three-phase connection or raising the power limit, consider buying

Nozzle CONFIGURATION – Total Nozzles: 33 INOX / ABS Black
massage nozzles: 28 pieces
– 1 piece x 4 ”(10 cm)
– 5 pieces x 3.5 ”(9 cm)
– 10 pieces x 2.5 ”(6.5 cm)
– 12 pieces x 1 ”(2.5 cm)
anti-rotary nozzles:
– 5 pieces x 5 “(12.5 cm)

LIGHT – 31 lamps
1 pc – 5 “underwater LED RGB spotlight
30 pieces – LED illuminated perimeter light pool

cartridge filter: 2 pcs
Ozone Generator: YES
U.V. sterilizer: YES

Thermal insulation from PU foam: YES
Drain: 1 pc
Flow valve: 1 pc
Air mixing regulator: 2 pcs
Head pads: 2 pcs
Thermal cover with buckles
Three tread stairs
Pool stainless steel handle: 2 pcs
Polyester stand

The pictures are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily show the identical pool for sale.
Only the descriptions in the appendix are valid.
The pool is as complex as Plug & Play with instructions for installation, startup, programming and maintenance in English.

construction: 10 years
shell surface – acrylic: 5 years
other equipment: 2 years

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