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Wouldn’t you like to have construction work in a garden, of course not. Want a pool and SPA now for a fair price?
You don’t want a bath with water, but a swimming pool + powerful massage + strong swimming against the current + water heating + thermal coating + modern RGB pool lighting, stairs and quality water treatment?

SwimSpa is the best choice for you!

Choose what works best for you

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dimensions: 3850mm x 2200mm x 1200mm
Packed dimensions: 3950mm x 2300mm x 1300mm
weight – dry / with water: 650kg/5430kg
water capacity: 4780 litre

5 x sitting massage places
1 x reclining massage place
1 x swimming track


shell material: acrylic US Aristech acrylic – 3 colors available – heat insulated

Pearl                   Marble               Ocean
T04                      T10                        T01

lining and steps : 

Grey – H03B                                       Teak H04B                                            Black – H06B

load-bearing frame: INOX
Base: fiberglass
Shell insulation: 1 cm polyurethane

PUMPS: A manufacturer of TOP premium brands of pumps
circulation pump: 1x 0.70 kW
massage pump: 2 x 1,5 kW
countercurrent pumps: 3 × 2,2 kW
blower: 0,70 kW

control unit: in.Ye5
control screen: Gecko In.k 800
heater: INOX 3 kw

1.) main electrical connection: 4.7 kW / 25A / 230V – 2.5 m cable 3 x 4 mm2
2.) Countercurrent pump 2: 2.2 kW / 16A / 230V – 2.5 m cable 3 x 2.5 mm2 – driven via a separate switch
3.) Countercurrent pump 3: 2.2 kW / 16A / 230V – 2.5 m cable 3 x 2.5 mm2 – driven via a separate switch

NOTE: If you want a different setting, such as a three-phase connection or raising the power limit, consider buying

CONFIGURATION NOZZLE – a total of 59 pcs
Countercurrent nozzles: 5 “- 5 pcs
Water jets:
3 ”nozzles: 20 rotary, 20 directional
1 ”nozzles: 6 pcs
Air nozzles: 8 pcs
nozzle material: INOX

UNDERWATER LIGHTING – total number of luminaires 22 pieces
LED RGB underwater lighting large: 1 pc
LED RGB underwater lighting per water line: 18 pcs
LED RGB lighting triple fountain: 3 pcs

Lighting control: GECKO in.mix

cartridge filter: 2 pcs
Ozone Generator: YES
U.V. sterilizer: YES

LED fountain: 2 pcs
aromatherapy: YES
Discharge: 1 set
Anti vacuum Suction: 6 pcs
Overflow valve: 2 pcs
Mixing valve air water: 3 pcs
EVA foam pads: 2 pcs
thermal cover
stairs with 3 treads

The pictures are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily show the identical pool for sale.
Only the descriptions in the appendix are valid.
The pool is as complex as Plug & Play with instructions for installation, startup, programming and maintenance in English.

construction: 10 years
shell surface – acrylic: 5 years
other equipment: 2 years

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