Spa operator GECKO in. Ye5


  • the prices are for a single payment according to the transaction account
  • debit and credit card payment options:
    • one time payment
    • in installments 1-36 installments – depending on card type
  • ask for payment terms on installments


Spa operator GECKO and. Ye 5 contains two openings for water massage pumps and a turbocharger for air massage, it also has an opening for a circulating pump.,

The pre-installed configuration allows for quick and easy installation

Supports 1, 2 and 3 phase current connections.

Integrated standard 3 kW heater with temperature probe.

Also includes socket for underwater 12V DC LED lighting, ozonator, in.clear brominator, u.v. sterilizer and audio system.

GECKO in.Ye 5 is compatible with in.k800, in.k500, in.k1000, in.k200, in.k300, in.k19, in.k35, in.k8, in.k450, in.k600 static, and .k120 and in.touch control of mobile devices.


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