in. Clear Bromicharge 2,2 kg


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The effects of Bromine

Bromine destroys aquatic bacteria.
Bromine destroys algae into void (Black, Green….).
Bromine quickly removes the presence of organic matter left behind by users (oil, sweat, dead skin cells).
Because bromine does not contain calcium, it can be used to clean hard water without increasing the hardness of calcium.
The product consists of 98% sodium bromine (NaBr) granules and dissolves as soon as it is added to hot water.

in.clear – This process releases bromide ions back into the water for continuous recycling. It is important to note that the amount of bromine required will vary in direct proportion to the number of bathers (bather load).

How does it work?

When sodium bromide (BromiCharge) is added to water, it is separated into sodium and bromine ions. As water passes through the bromine generator, a low voltage source supplies a current that electrolytically reduces the bromine ions into the bromine, which reacts with the water molecules and creates free bromine.

Add 0.143 kg of sodium bromide per 100 L of water to achieve a TDS of 1 400 ppm (total) Dissolved solids).

For example, if you have 1200 L of water, add 1.72 kg of sodium bromide (12 X 0.143 kg).!/

BROM vs CHLOR in the massage pools.

1.) is stable at elevated PH and PH is always elevated in SPA pools
2.) It is stable at elevated temperature. The chlorine from 32C decomposes significantly faster while the bromine is still active.
3.) When chlorine or bromine react with nitrogen and ammonia they produce chloramines, ie. bromamine. Chloramines are harmful and this is the beginning of trihalomethane formation, leading to skin irritation, “bloody eyes”, bad odor and ineffective chlorine as a disinfectant, while Bromine remains an active disinfectant without irritation and unpleasant odors.
4.) Trichlor has a low PH while bromine has a perfect PH – 7.5
5.) Bromine is a much better and more effective means of killing viruses and bacteria in water


1.) Bromine is more expensive than chlorine
2.) Bromine is less stable in the sun

It takes a lot more time for the bromine to reach the extent that testers can read it (free bromine), although it is sufficient in water and disinfects water effectively.

For newly refilled water, it is suggested that a double dose be added to the SPA to make the free bromine level faster and to add or remove one tablet as needed until the system is stable.

Chlorine reacts more quickly as a disinfectant while the bromine molecule is much larger and has a larger cycle of action on bacteria and viruses within the volume of water

CONCLUSION: We offer you the best of the two worlds because bromine is a pill with a lower chlorine content and a higher bromine content

2 years

Personal protective equipment: gloves, goggles and mask, and protective clothing should be used when handling the product.

Any unused chemical and contaminated packaging is disposed of in a hazardous waste disposal company.

Store in tightly closed original containers, in a cool, well-ventilated place, protected from heat, sparks and open flames. The drainage in the floor must not be directed to sewers and watercourses. Keep away from food, drink and animal feedingstuffs. Store in accordance with the Chemicals Act.


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